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​​Beard Hunter Turkey Calls Double Sided Friction Call

Beard Hunter Custom Turkey Calls (Single Sider)

Beard Hunter Turkey call's Video Page

This page is filled with helpful videos that can help you learn different calling techniques and methods you can use to better your turkey hunting experience. The first video on this page is Beard Hunter custom made turkey box call single sider. This little single sider is full of 100% turkey with a old raspy hen, and some of the best kee kees that you will find on a box call. The second video on this page is Beard Hunter custom made double sided friction call with 3.5 inch playing surface on the top side and 1" 5/8 Pennsylvania slate embedded on the bottom side.This double sided custom made friction call can reproduce the natural sounds of the wild turkey. The third video on this page is a Beard Hunter custom made Purr & Cluck Pot  that has amazing soft purrs and clucks. This little call is the size of a snuff can that will fit right in your shirt pocket. This purr and cluck pot will play dry in all weather conditions wet or dry so just check this video out and you can decide for your self. The fourth video on the page is Beard Hunter custom made scratch box that has been a big hit for us. I will show how I play the Beard Hunter scratch box that may help you out to get the best turkey sounds out of the Beard Hunter custom made scratch box. You can also learn ways that I use my calls and ways you can get the most realisitic sound out of your Beard Hunter Custom made turkey calls. Videos on this page include tutorials on how to use your Beard Hunter friction calls and your Beard Hunter Box Calls. So stay in touch for more videos to better your turkey hunting experience that will be posted in the future. Also, if you think a video is really helpful share this page on Facebook and other social media sites so all your hunting friends can see how to use their Beard Hunter Custom Made Turkey Calls the right way.